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Achieving Mastery™

Achieving Mastery™


This Full Mission Profile (FMP) event challenges even the most experienced operator in their ability to react and overcome adverse conditions during a cradle-to-grave Air Field seizure and Assault Zone Operation. Trainees utilize the full spectrum of Military Decision Making & Tactical operations processes to facilitate the mobility of Joint and Combined Forces’ Aviation and Ground assets within an unfamiliar (non-scripted) scenario which helps to critically evaluate and test an individual’s capabilities, a team’s cohesiveness, and an entire organization’s overall readiness to execute this important mission.

 Route 66 – Soils of America™ Course

Discover how familiarity with diverse soils, climates and geographical boundaries can help your team analyze potential risk factors for Contingency Aviation Operations.

Join our Cadre, along historic Route 66, as we visit several distinct Eco-regions in the United States; starting in the Central Plains, traversing the Ouachita Mountains, and the vast ‘semi-arid’ prairies of middle America, negotiating our way through Gila Mountain ranges, and over the Continental Divide, down into the majestic Mojave Desert, concluding our adventure along the sands of the Pacific Ocean. “Know the Soil . . . Predict the Future!”

Contingency Operations™ Course

This six-day course is tailored for personnel planning, performing or supporting Crisis Response or Limited Contingency Operations by exploring the principles & characteristics of working in an overseas, urban and/or challenged environment through practical and situational field training exercises.

Achieving Drone Forensics™ Course

(Capture & Collection Course)

High Tech Crime Institute (HTCI) offers training, software, and consultation.  See HTCI’s latest tools at,,, and

This three-day course is designed to take the investigator deep into the world of Drone Forensics. You will learn to collect, preserve, examine, and report evidence found within the Drone Device.

The use of Drones is growing rapidly and expanding to criminal enterprises and terrorist organizations. Police Corrections Facilities and deployed militaries are dealing with drones on a regular basis. Strategies and techniques to properly collect and examine these devices are not widely known, leaving investigators with the following challenges:

  • How do you collect Drones?
  • How do you extract data from these devices?
  • How do you report the information?
  • How do you prove criminal intent and associate it with an individual as oppose to the wind pushing the device off route?

Many investigators today stop after retrieving videos, then hope they have software to extract them. Drones do much more than record video, they can transport illegal payload like drugs and weapons, deliver munitions, or act as the projectile!

This course will cover all of these questions and more and will give you the skills to Collect, Preserve, Examine, and Report (CPER) the hidden intelligence within a Drone. In addition, you will leave with the skills necessary to testify in court and develop strategies to collect data residing on these mobile platforms as they evolve.

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