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This series of training is focused on advancing both individual and team skills in various principles of physical & electronic force protection operations, exploitation and defensive methods for personnel engaged in the shadowy realm of modern warfare.

 Contingency Operations™ Course

This six-day course is tailored for personnel planning, performing or supporting Crisis Response or Limited Contingency Operations by exploring the principles & characteristics of working in an overseas, urban and/or challenged environment through practical and situational field training exercises.

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 Cyber Threat™ Course (Recognition & Exploitation)

This three-day course focuses on the everyday challenges of keeping your digital devices & data secure while working abroad without being exploited or compromised. This course introduces best practices for protecting and transmitting data, password creation, personal device hacker protection, and cyber security while utilizing public Wi-Fi. This course is typically paired with Threat Assessment™.

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Threat Assessment™ Course

This three-day hands-on course is a ‘must have’ for both new and seasoned clients traveling to and from high-risk or austere international locations.  Training encompasses personal and organizational risk management best practices, executive-level travel preparation procedures, cultural influences and situational awareness, safeguarding Intellectual Property (IP) and Information Systems, the essentials of defensive and avoidance techniques of exploitation, theft, and fraud from local criminal elements, or Foreign Intelligence Services (FIS).

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Maritime Surveyor™ Course

A five-day foundational course focused on the core principles of mission critical maritime surveys; (i.e., Beach Landing Sites, Beach Landing Zones and Ports & Harbors). By incorporating various software & hardware solutions designed specifically for pre-mission analysis and post-production techniques, this cradle-to-grave surveyor’s course focuses on mission planning and execution, data analysis, fieldwork, and the production of highly accurate, professional Maritime surveys.

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Drone Forensics™ Course (Capture & Collection Course)

High Tech Crime Institute (HTCI) offers training, software, and consultation.  See HTCI’s latest tools at http://www.gohtci.com, training.gohtci.com, dart.gohtci.com, and maplink.gohtci.com.

This three day course is designed to take the investigator deep into the world of Drone Forensics. You will learn to Collect, Preserve, Examine and Report evidence found within the Drone Device.

The use of Drones is growing rapidly and expanding to criminal enterprises and terrorist organizations. Police Corrections Facilities and deployed militaries are dealing with drones on a regular basis. Read the news today and you are likely to find an article discussing the malicious use of a Drone. Strategies and techniques to properly collect and examine these devices are not widely known, leaving investigators with the following challenges:

  • How do you collect Drones?
  • How do you extract data from these devices?
  • How do you report the information?
  • How do you prove criminal intent and associate it with an individual as oppose to the wind pushing the device off route?

Many investigators today stop after retrieving videos, then hope they have software to extract them. Drones do much more than record video, they can transport illegal payload like drugs and weapons, but also deliver munitions or act as the projectile!

This course will cover all of these questions and more and will give you the skills to Collect, Preserve, Examine, and Report (CPER) the hidden intelligence within a Drone. In addition, you will leave with the skills necessary to testify in court and to develop strategies to collect data residing on these mobile platforms as they evolve.

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 Digital Media Exploitation™ Course

This two week Media Exploitation (MEDEX) Course concentrates on the retrieval and examination of data stored on computers and other digital storage devices, and the fusion of this data into intelligible reports. Students will learn computer forensic basics, memory structure, how to identify and correct corrupted data, file carving, password breaking, and basic decryption techniques. All forensic tools used in this class are ‘freeware’ and will be available to the student upon graduation.

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 Cell Phone Exploitation™ Course

This two week Cellular Phone Exploitation Course (CEC) concentrates on the retrieval and examination of data from mobile devices and the fusion of this data into intelligible reports. Students will learn telecommunications fundamentals, mobile device data structure, how to identify and correct corrupted data, file carving, and the manual digitization of data residing on mobile phones that cannot be extracted.


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 Coming Soon – Defensive & Tactical Driving™ Course

In our Defensive & Tactical Driving course, we teach you the Triple E maneuvers (Encounter, Engage, & Evade) and how to successfully get out of tough vehicular situations. This course is designed to not only teach you the basics of these maneuvers, but how to master them.

Coming Soon – High Angle Rescue™ Course

This five-day course is designed for rescue teams, which may have to respond to both confined space and high angle rescue situations. Training encompasses advanced “hands-on” fieldwork in urban and remote locations scenarios where challenging anchor placement and advanced rigging expertise, rope load factors are critical for successful rescues.

Coming Soon – Yacht Security & Protection Underway™

A three-day course focused on protecting life and property while traveling in/around US and International waterways. This scenario based course leads clients through the do’s and don’ts while sailing aboard and what to do if the unthinkable occurs.

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