Assault Zone Survey Test


Assault Zone Survey Test

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There's a new regulation that was just published.

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What Air Force Regulation governs all Assault Zone Survey Operations?

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What database contains a worldwide listing of all 'valid' Assault Zone Surveys (i.e., DZ, HLZ, LZ, and FARP)?

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The C-130H "Hercules" needs a minimum _____ of runway length for contingency landings?

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What does the acronym CDS mean?


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Is a Waiver required for a Landing Zone (LZ) if the left and/or right half of the runway transverse gradient is between -0.5% to +0.5%?

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What are the minimum dimensions for a Heavy Equipment (HE) airdrop?


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What glide slope ratio criteria is used for evaluating a C-130?

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Who determines the size for a Military Free Fall (MFF) Drop Zone?


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What areas are considered a part of a 'Construction' Landing Zone (LZ)?

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What areas are considered as part of an 'Operational' Landing Zone (LZ)?

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What is the nomenclature for a Drop Zone (DZ) Survey Form?


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What does the acronym CBR mean?

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What is required for a "Tactical" Drop Zone approval?


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A paved Landing Zone (LZ) Survey requires a Pavement Classification Number (PCN)?

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How should the surface wind be reported on a Drop Zone?


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What types of wind data & information must be reported to the aircrew?


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What is the surface wind limit for a USAF Static Line (Land) airdrop?


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What are the minimum dimensions for a daytime C-130 Container Delivery System (CDS) airdrop, above 700' AGL; using a 4 x single container configuration?


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What is the name of the Landing Zone (LZ) Survey Form?

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For paved, or a nontraditional, surface who must conduct a "Strength Review" prior to submitting the Landing Zone (LZ) survey to Safety of Flight ?

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What is the airdrop, "at altitude", wind restriction for a fixed-wing aircraft?


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Powerlines (operating at 50 kilo-volts or greater) must be annotated on the Drop Zone (DZ) survey form when they are within _______?


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What is the minimum depth requirement for a Water Drop Zone (DZ)?


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What are the authorized visual authentication letters for Drop Zone (DZ) Point of Impact markings?


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What glide slope ratio criteria is used for evaluating a C-17?

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Which features on a Landing Zone (LZ) must have a Weight Bearing Capacity reported on the survey form?

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What is the "surface wind" limit for non-USAF Container Delivery System (CDS) Equipment airdrop?


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What are the minimum dimensions for a rectangular Drop Zone (DZ), for a single static-line parachutist, from 1,000 AGL?


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How is a NO-Drop condition signaled to an aircraft?


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What are the minimum numbers of satellites required to calculate a 3-dimensional Global Positioning System (GPS) coordinate location?

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