AutoCAD Essentials™

AutoCAD Essentials™


Minimum 6 Students per Class

Course pricing is based on attendance at our facility. For Mobile Training Team (MTT) Events, contact us for a quote.

AutoCAD Essentials™ is designed to provide a new user with basic 2D drawing skills within AutoCAD & AutoCAD LT software applications.  This course offers hands-on instruction and is intended for those new users who have a daily, or occasional need to utilize AutoCAD, and for those who may have a job requirement to update, edit, or modify existing AutoCAD drawings.

Even at the fundamental & foundational level, AutoCAD is one of the most sophisticated and powerful computer applications that a new user is likely to encounter; therefore, learning to use this application can be difficult and somewhat challenging in an online self-taught environment vs. attending STS, Inc’s in-person guided and instructional classroom atmosphere.

This course covers core topics for working with AutoCAD, and AutoCAD LT, utilizing our “Crawl, Walk, then Run” instructional strategy and phased lessons approach.  We begin by incorporating basic drawing and modification tools that enable a user to create and edit simple drawings and then, through various continuation exercises, continue to build upon those skills in order to gain fundamental and thorough proficiency.  The course introduces the following concepts and tools:


  1. Understanding Workspace 
  2. Using Graphical User Interfaces
  3. How to Effectively Operate in the AutoCAD Environment
  4. Using General 2D Drafting Tools
  5. How to Edit, Modify & Update Existing Drawings
  6. Basic Dimensioning
  7. Adding Text, Leaders, Hatching and RevClouds
  8. Organizing & Modifying Objects on Layers
  9. How Blocks Are Used for Floor Plan Management & Facility Safety
  10. Preparing a Layout for Plotting or Publishing

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