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Digital Collections System & Mission Analysis Planning Suite (DCS-MAPS) – The definitive AutoCAD Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) solution for Airfield & Assault Zone Survey production for commercial and government industries. This software application is specifically designed with the airfield & assault zone surveyor in mind. DCS-MAPS assists surveyors in pre-mission planning by allowing the surveyors to get feel for the environment they are about to enter and plan their mission accordingly. After data collection, surveyors can easily import their data to quickly analyze and ensure the site meets aircraft minimum criteria and safety requirements. Upon completion of survey, the DCS-MAPS export feature enables surveyors to easily produce multiple highly accurate and professional looking products depicting all applicable geospatial data about the site and its surroundings, as well as display obstacles & hazards to the aircraft, aircrews, and groundcrews in easy to understand formats & file types. DCS-MAPS survey products are designed to integrate with Talon Point, and can be submitted with ease for quality control, safety of flight review, and final approval. DCS-MAPS is the most highly effective and accurate application for creating airfield & assault zone surveys.

New Look & Feel – DCS-MAPS 2020 and all the specialized command ribbons have a fresh new look & feel with a touch of familiarity in the icons. The dark theme now has a modern dark blue interface that’s easy on the eyes. The new dark theme offers contrast improvements and sharper appearance of icons.
Quickly Measure Feature – DCS-MAPS 2020, measuring distances is faster than ever with the new Quick Measure tool, which measures 2D drawings simply by hovering your mouse. Dimensions, distances, and angles are dynamically displayed as you move your mouse over and between objects.
New Blocks Palette – The new Blocks palette makes it easier to insert blocks with visual galleries and the ability to filter for the exact block you’re looking for. You can simply drag and drop blocks into the drawing from Current Drawing, Recent, or Other Drawing tabs.
New Purge Feature – Removes multiple unneeded objects at once with easy selection and a visual preview area.
Drawing Revisions Comparison – Allows User to compare two versions of a drawing using a quick toggle without leaving your current window and import desired changes into the current drawing in real time.

Under the Hood Performance Upgrades:
Geospatial Precision & Calculation Enhancements
Software Performance Improvements
Software Security Enhancements
World Magnetic Model (WMM) Forward & Backward Compatibility
Streamlined Imagery Import

Advance Feature Upgrades:
Convert from 2D to 3D
3D Export to KMZ
Free-flow Image Import
Image Tiling Import
Enhanced GE Terrain Import
GRG & 9-Line Creation Tools
New Analytic Utilities


Download DCS-MAPS Update (



This update is only for DCS-MAPS 2020 owners.

This update addresses an issue when a user selects “Project Overruns Outward” vs. the default “Project Overruns Inward.”  The update corrects the calculations and where the coordinates are populated within the latest versions of the LZ & LTFW Formsection I. PENETRATIONS – EOU & Displaced Threshold Coordinates. If you run into any issues, please do not hesitate to contact us!


Easy-to-Use Tools

Designed for the SoF warrior and surveyor in mind, DCS MAPS™ is easy to use and uploading to TalonPoint is even better with every drawing, layer, criteria, or obstacle easily exportable.

Familiar Design

DCS MAPS™ is based on AutoCAD program and features which makes it user friendly and familiar.

Utilize Google Earth Snippets

DCS MAPS™ supports import of Google Earth snippets/screenshots for easy calculations and adjustments.  Using field collected data and measurements provided by Survey Apps from iOS, Android, or Trimble equipment to gather, produce, analyize, and create solid well-rounded surveys.

Customizable Courses Available

With each purchase of DCS MAPS™ we advise one of our training courses to provide you with the skills and know-how to best utilize the program.

Each course can be customized to meet your team’s needs. All courses allow for specific customization.

Learn more here

Expandable menus and numerous options allow unlimited customizations and modifications to any surveyor’s product and, with multiple saving and exporting options, DCS MAPS™ makes it easy to produce and show all of your work digitally or physically.

Digital Collection Systems (DCS)™ is the definitive AutoCAD Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) solution for Airfield & Assault Zone Survey production for commercial and government industries. 

DCS™ OEM, is powered by Ingersoll Consulting, Inc.

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