Mission Analysis Planning Suite™

Easy to Use Tools

Designed for the SoF warrior and surveyor in mind, DCS MAPS™ is easy to use and uploading to TalonPoint is even better with every drawing, layer, criteria, or obstacle easily exportable.

Familiar Design

DCS MAPS™ is based on AutoCAD program and features which makes it user friendly and familiar.

Utilize Google Earth Snippets

DCS MAPS™ supports import of Google Earth snippets/screenshots for easy calculations and adjustments.  Using field collected data and measurements provided by Survey Apps from iOS, Android, or Trimble equipment to gather, produce, analyize, and create solid well-rounded surveys.

Customizable Courses Available

With each purchase of DCS MAPS™ we advise one of our training courses to provide you with the skills and know-how to best utilize the program.

Each course can be customized to meet your team’s needs. All courses allow for specific customization.

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Expandable menus and numerous options allow unlimited customizations and modifications to any surveyor’s product, and with multiple saving and exporting options, DCS MAPS™ makes it easy to produce and show all of your work digital or physically.

Digital Collection Systems (DCS)™, the definitive AutoCAD Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) solution for Airfield & Assault Zone Survey production for commercial and government industries. 

DCS™ OEM, is powered by Ingersoll Consulting, Inc.

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