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Who We Are

Shaun Rice



Robb Patterson

Training Manager

Chris Gaona


Lead Software Engineer

Clark Brinkley

Media & Growth

JR Somer


Training Development

Chris Fellure

Subject Matter Specialist

Life Inside Our Office

Because most of our contractors work remotely, the business of the office depends on training events and meetings.

The office is set up to hold training events year-round, with offices for meetings, contractors, and employees.

Events & Opportunities

Each year we hold training events that our developers can take part in. These are not only perks of working for the company, but they’re also invaluable in learning new skills you can use in real life.

Paid Training Events

Get paid to work with our specialists in “Escape from San Francisco.”

Work for SANDIA

All of our contractors work for SANDIA to improve gov’t assets.

Competitive Salary

Our contractors have salaries to match their experience in different fields.

Snack Bar

Our office supplies snacks and drinks to keep you on your feet.

Equipment is Provided

We provide needed tech equipment for our contractors and employees.

Work Remotely

All contractors have the option to work in-office or remotely.


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