COVID-19 Safety Information


We take the safety and well being of our trainees very seriously. Our statement about COVID-19 is below.

COVID 19 is often spread by people who are not aware that they are infected making social situations and gatherings particularly problematic.

As the vaccine rolls out across the country, and becomes available to more and more demographic groups, we strongly encourage trainees to consider getting the vaccine prior to the scheduled training event. Please consider receiving the 1st dose of either the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines well before your training event. This will allow time for the 2nd dose, as well as time to build additional antibodies prior to the training event. The Vaccine is considered safe, and has gone through all of the required clinical trials and the FDA approval process for emergency use authorization. Additionally many other medical groups have looked at the data and concur with the vaccine’s safety and efficacy. Thanks to the Trump Administration’s “Operation Warp Speed,” this process was simply expedited. For instance in almost 1.9 million doses given there were only 21 cases of severe allergic reactions and the vast majority of those were in people with a history of severe allergic reactions.

Again, COVID 19 can cause minimal or even no symptoms in many people, but for a small fraction of those infected it can cause critical illness or death. If you are infected without symptoms you run the risk of spreading it to people who could become ill. The best way to protect yourself is to avoid exposure to people and to stay away from social gatherings. If you feel you are at particular risk we encourage you to reconsider attending your training event.

These recommendations do not replace medical advice. If you have questions we encourage you to discuss attendance with your personal licensed medical provider, and avoid other sources of medical information that may or may not be trustworthy.

Finally we also encourage all attendees to follow all local Clark County Nevada/your event’s city’s health and safety guidelines at the time of the event.


Helpful links:

Veteran’s Administration:

Official US Gov’t Coronavirus Website:

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