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Escape from™

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This course is tailored for personnel planning, performing or supporting Crisis Response or Limited Contingency Operations by exploring the principles & characteristics of working in an overseas and/or challenged environment through practical and situational field training exercises.

MISSION: Assess & Survey various sites for Noncombatant Evacuation Operations (NEO) in support of the U.S. Embassy located in the sovereign nation of Kerplakistan.

From the Cadre:

“Real world experience based scenarios developed to train our students in what they may encounter while working in this type of environment. San Francisco makes for the perfect backdrop and setting for our students to develop the necessary skills in order to be successful with this mission set. Not only will you learn something, but it is also fun!” – Rob Somer


“I love seeing what you are doing…..It’s a great niche. No one else can teach it, and you have deep experience. The SOF community will soon recognize what you are doing.” – Michael Lamonica

“Very awesome training for a real life situation. .all bases covered. .” – Wayne Chandler

“Some excellent and very useful training.” – Rokyan Lime

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