Escape From... San Francisco!

Escape From... San Francisco!

Have you ever just wanted to… Escape? 

For the first time in STS company history, we have opened up this training course for both the public and private sector to enjoy. A week-long course, Escape From San Francisco, teaches you all the skills you need to know to avert surveillance and detection from outside and inside sources in downtown San Francisco. From learning how to properly check into hotels, to navigating the city on foot, and finally getting away in the ultimate hippie van, join us in teaching you how to Escape From San Francisco.

  • Evade short-term and long-term threats throughout the city.
  • Plan, find, and correctly survey potential landing zones in the city.
  • Perfect your navigation and surveying skills & techniques using handheld GPS devices.
  • Learn how to make quick decisions in a fast-paced environment on city streets, parks, and beaches.
  • Meet with “country officials” and work with citizens to plan and coordinate the best routes throughout the city.
  • San Francisco
    • Downtown San Francisco
      • Tenderloin
      • China Town
      • North Beach
    • Richmond District
      • Baker Beach
    • The Presidio of San Francisco
      • Golden Gate Bridge
      • Crissy Field
    • Ocean Beach
    • Golden Gate Park
    • Horseshoe Cove

Please acquire pricing by requesting more info below.

From the Cadre:

“Real world experience based scenarios developed to train our students in what they may encounter while working in this type of environment. San Francisco makes for the perfect backdrop and setting for our students to develop the necessary skills in order to be successful with this mission set. Not only will you learn something, but it is also fun!” – Rob Somer


“I love seeing what you are doing… It’s a great niche. No one else can teach it and you have deep experience. The SOF community will soon recognize what you are doing.” – Michael

“Very awesome training for a real life situation… all bases covered.” – Wayne

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