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What does the acronym FARP stand for?

* per the Draft 11-235

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How many different types of FARP certification approvals are there?

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What organization approves all FARP site certifications?

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FARP Surveyors must know how to collect assess and evaluate obstacles & hazards for FARP and taxi operations?

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What Form is used to submit a waiver?

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For FARP survey sites on UN-improved surfaces what is the recommended Tanker positioning (i.e., axis rotation) to help reduce engine blast on the Hot Refueling Supervisor (HRS) and Receiver aircraft?

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What form(s) and/or document(s) are used in addition to the AF FORM 4066 for site certification?

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Can Fixed Wing receiver aircraft EGRESS in the same direction?

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A "Permanent" FARP survey expires ______ years after the date of survey?

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What is the requirement for TANKER and RECEIVER EGRESS?

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What is the minimum safe distance required between two CV-22 receivers in a clear visibility environment?

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What database must be used to process, approve/disapprove and record assessments for FARP surveys per the Department of the Air Force Manual (DAFMAN) 13-217.

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What Publication governs ‘Maximum Obstacle Height’ for Light Tactical Fixed Wing (LTFW) A-Zone and B-Zone?

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When does a Temporary FARP survey expire?

* if it's not reassessed before the initial expiration date.

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Which of the following personnel must be a part of the Permanent FARP site 'Certification Team'?

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A Temporary FARP survey certification team will consist of the following personnel:

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What Technical Manual contains a list of approved Tanker and Receiver aircraft used in FARP operations?

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Are you required to provide a Macro and Micro Diagram for a FARP Survey?

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How much distance (in feet)  must be maintained between drainage ditches/low lying areas and pressurized fuel servicing components to avoid hazards caused by potential accumulation of explosive fuel vapor?

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What reference publication covers Maximum obstacle height and distances for Taxi operations?

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What is the lateral/ horizontal distance (i.e., A-ZONE) for ‘Maximum Obstacle Height’ from runway edge?

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What is a key factor in determining when you must complete a separate FARP survey for a site?

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What documentation, and/or references should be referenced prior to conducting a FARP survey?

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With current FARP capabilities what aircraft can utilize a 3-Point Hose Layout and receive enough fuel for the mission to be considered successful?

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If a FARP survey indicates a length of 210 feet distance from ‘X/Y’ splitter to a RECEIVER aircraft, then theoretically how much hose length would be required to conduct that operation?

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Specialized Fueling Operations (SFO) fire protection requirements are prescribed in which reference document(s)?

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If a REASSESSMENT is conducted via 'other means' what must be documented and where/ how is that information provided?

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Can you change any parts of AF Form 406,  Blocks 30a - j, during the REASSESSMENT (for either a Permanent or Temporary FARP)?

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When are you allowed to do a Temporary FARP survey instead of a Permanent FARP survey?

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Temporary FARP surveys may be extended for ____ year(s), provided the REASSESSMENT is conducted before the expiration date, and there are no changes to Blocks 30a-j of AF Form 4066?

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What technical manual describes 'Ground Servicing of Aircraft and Static Grounding/Bonding?

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If there are NO marshallers available for aircraft ground movement into and out of a FARP site, then _______

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How many FARP operations can be conducted on a Contingency certified location?

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How many named exercises can be conducted on a Temporary FARP site?

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Units conducting SFO will be responsible for any cost incurred for cleanup and taxiway/runway repairs directly related to fuel spills as a result of an operation?

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The 1,000' EGRESS distance requirement for Tanker and Receiver aircraft is measured from __________.

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What does the acronym AFBDS stand for?

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Multiple FARP survey locations may be put on the same AF Form 813 (Request for Environmental Impact Analysis)?

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What statement must be added to AF Form 4066, Block 30I, if a Temporary FARP for Exercises, does not require an AF Form 813?

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Which of the following RECEIVERS refuel on the "left side" of the aircraft?

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Integrated Combat Turn (ICT) survey details are described in what section of the AF Form 4066?

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What file type is used as a Backdrop layer when imported into and used on a Geo7X, that provides basic line work to help you navigate and orient yourself while in the field?

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In some cases, the Range Control Office and Air Field Management Office coordination and responsibility may be the same organization?

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A FARP surveyor should attempt to certify the site for the ______ type tanker aircraft and the ______ number of refueling points the site can support. (Fill in the Blank)

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Temporary FARPs supporting Contingency Operations are exempt from requiring:

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A Temporary Contingency FARP survey must be on a contingency location, a non-enduring location outside of the United States that supports and sustains operations during named and unnamed contingencies or other operations as directed by appropriate authority and is categorized by mission life-cycle requirements as initial, temporary, or semi-permanent.

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In the Continental United States (CONUS), what geographical landmark is the dividing line for survey routing and approval, for FARP Regional Alignment and Quality Control submission?

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AFSOC A3/TW will review/ approve all FARP site certifications within, _______ days of submission and maintain the master listing of all approved FARP surveys via Talon Point.

* Note: Organization name change coming soon to AFSOC A3/FW

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THE Aircraft Turnaround Supervisor (ATS) will be a highly trained and qualified maintenance technician and ______

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According to DAFI 33-360, Publications and Forms Management "Tier Waiver Authority" categories are listed as the following:

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BONUS QUESTION:  What does the acronym MDOT stand for?

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