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Final Test

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What types of space(s) are established around an LZ (in relation to runways, helipads, or helicopter runways), that are designed to define the protected "airspace" around an airfield?


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What is the nomenclature for a Drop Zone Survey Form?


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What does the acronym CBR stand for?


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Semi-prepared (i.e. unpaved) LZ surfaces may be composed of the following?


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What does the acronym CDS stand for?


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What is the file type generated by GSI Surveyor and used to import into DCS-MAPS?


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What is the Maintained Area obstruction tolerance, and the grade & slope criteria?


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Who initiates an 'Operational Waiver' to an ETL 04-7 Criteria?


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How does a reduced RCR evaluation, and an increase in (PA) Pressure Altitude effect C-17 landing operations?


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Which Function-Key toggles on/off the OSNAP mode?


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What are some examples of the type of activities that should be limited within an Accident Potential Zone (APZ)?


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What are the three patterns for runway markings?


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Runway designation markings are relative to the magnetic azimuth (vs. True azimuth) of the runway centerline to the nearest 10-degree increment?


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A solid white 'side stripe' on a runway indicates the edge of the usable pavement?


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When firing the TruPulse 360 Laser Range Finder (LRF), maintain a minimum of _____ safe clearance from fire hydrants, road signs, seer cap or drains, steel poles, ATVs, guy wires, magnets, chain-link fences, bar-wire fences?


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When are Fixed Distance Markings used on runways?


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What is required for a Tactical Drop Zone approval?


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What are the three types of particle size distribution curves?


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What are the correct markings for a Helipad's Perimeter & Identification with a single direction ingress?


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What's the Glideslope Ratio (GSR) for a C-146A "Wolfhound"?


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If a runway is closed for less than five (5) days, how should it be marked?


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If more than half of a soil sample passes through a #200 sieve it can be categorized as _______?


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When can a layer of soil (measurement and CBR readings) be discarded from analysis?


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What should be the order of priority when determining the locations of DCP, i.e. CBR, readings for an airfield?


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When conducting DCP readings which soil horizons are you most likely to encounter?


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Which of the eight different surface distress types are considered major distresses, and depending on location may cause an overall airfield rating of RED?


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During a DCP reading, how should a subsurface impenetrable & unidentifiable layer be handled?


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If a crack intersects both concrete slab joints ___ feet from the corner, it is considered a _______. If it is ___ feet, then it is considered a(n) _______.


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What are the Runway Clearance distances for both C-130 & C-17 aircraft on Paved and Semi-Prepared (unsurfaced) LZ's?

NOTE: Runway Clearance = Measured from the runway centerline to the near edge of the parking apron. Aprons may be contiguous with the runway, but parked aircraft and vehicles must be behind this line.


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The overall performance of a GNSS is assessed using what four criteria?


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How long is a Sidereal Day and how is it measured?


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What does the acronym RTK stand for?


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When starting a new DCS-MAPS drawing what is the default unit base of measurement?


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Which of the following are regional satellite systems?


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What are the four input parameters required to calculate magnetic variation for a coordinate position?


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The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a satellite constellation in what type of orbit around the Earth?


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Which of the following Pavement Condition Index (PCI) ratings match the following definition: "Pavement has mainly high severity distresses which cause operational restrictions. Repair needs are immediate."?


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Which types of soil are more susceptible to frost?


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What should be provided for C-17 LZs without a parallel taxiway?


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Due to potential Foreign Object Damage (FOD) concerns, individual parking aprons should be provided for each parked C-17 aircraft on semi-prepared LZ?


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What is the allowable 'rate' of longitudinal grade change for a taxiway?


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What are two factors that effect runway length requirements?


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The ELF command is an acronym for:


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According to the Unified Soil Classification System (USCS) chart, which one of the following lists of soil types is incorrect?


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What does the acronym PCASE stand for?


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Vegetation over 3 inches is not allowed in the graded area?


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If, after several attempts, you are unable to calibrate a serviceable Laser Range Finder's internal compass, what can you suspect is the reason(s) for the failure?


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10+ Bonus Points!!  Translate the following phrase from Latin to English!

Assumere Nil; fiduciam nemo!

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