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Cyber Threat™

Cyber Threat™ #1 Intro (Recognition & Exploitation)

This two-day course focuses on the everyday challenges of keeping your digital devices & data secure while working abroad without being exploited or compromised.  This course introduces best practices for protecting and transmitting data, password creation, personal device hacker protection, and cyber security while utilizing public WiFi.

Defensive Driving™

Defensive & Tactical Driving™

In our Defensive & Tactical Driving course, we teach you the Triple E maneuvers (Encounter, Engage, & Evade) and how to successfully get out of tough vehicular situations. This course is designed to not only teach you the basics of these maneuvers, but how to master them…

Threat Assessment™

Threat Assessment™

This three-day hands-on course is a ‘must have’ for both new and seasoned clients traveling to and from high-risk or austere international locations.  Training encompasses personal and organizational risk management best practices, executive-level travel preparation procedures, cultural influences and situational awareness, safeguarding Intellectual Property (IP) and Information Systems, the essentials of defensive and avoidance techniques of exploitation, theft, and fraud from local criminal elements, or Foreign Intelligence Services (FIS).

High Angle Rescue™

High Angle Rescue™

This five-day course is designed for rescue teams, which may have to respond to both confined space and high angle rescue situations.  Training encompasses advanced “hands-on” fieldwork in urban and remote locations scenarios where challenging anchor placement and advanced rigging expertise, rope load factors are critical for successful rescues.

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