Paved – DLS Strength & Distresses Course


Paved - DLS Strength & Distresses Course

If you have NOT previously attended an STS, Inc. Level 1/2 course, or a DLS course, prior to taking this test you may have some significant difficulties.

If you DON'T know the answer, please DO NOT guess.  Each question has an "I don't know" response available; use this answer instead of guessing so we have a better understanding of your baseline knowledge.

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Which regulation(s) are used as source material and references for paved Airfield & Landing Zone (LZ) strength and distress evaluations and reporting requirements?

Choose all that apply!

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What does the acronym ESWL mean?

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What does the Pavement Condition Index (PCI) measure?

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A PCN 'code' is an International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standard used in combination with the an ACN value to indicate . . . ?

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When does the ACN/PCN Ratio indicate that a pavement can support operations without a detailed analysis of Allowable Load and Allowable Passes?

Definition of "Allowable" = (D) Toelaatbaar / (G) Zulässig


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Identify the two named categories of 'paved' surfaces?

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What is the California Bearing Ratio (CBR) equivalent if the DCP Hammer drives the DCP rod One (1") Inch per Blow Set?

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There are two different values for failure criteria of surfaces!

Choose the correct failure criteria for a 'Flexible' pavement, and for a 'Semi-prepared' surfaces?

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Can Concrete surface, or an Asphalt surface (of an airfield, or LZ) ever be evaluated as a semi-prepared surface?

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What does the acronym "ACN" stand for?

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For which type of paved surface is the strength value reported as a "K-Value" and "Effective K-Value" instead of the California Bearing Ratio (CBR)?

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What is the subsequent evaluation criteria used to determine Allowable Load and Allowable Passes, for a paved Landing Zone, if the ACN / PCN Ratio is not acceptable or usable?

Translation of the word "Subsequent" = (D) Volgend  / (G) Anschließend

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What does the acronym LCN stand for?

Translation of acronyms or abbreviations = (D) Acroniemen en Afkortingen / (G) Akronyme und Abkürzungen


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What is the best solution if the Thermal printer is having difficulties printing a DCP report?

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What is the source information utilized for an LCN value of a paved surface?

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The Unified Soil Classification System (USCS) is based on the characteristics that indicate how a soil will behave as a(n) ______________________?

Translation of Characteristics = (D) Kenmerken / (G) Eigenschaften

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Which CBR Index value is assigned to a subsurface impenetrable layer, or a layer that is not identifiable, after drilling and measuring that the layer . . .

Translation of Impenetrable = (D) Ondoordringbaar / (G) Undurchlässig oder Undurchdringlich

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Are the SPACI distress criteria different when evaluating the surface of an airfield if the surface has been 'Treated' or was constructed of 'Macadam'?

Translation of Macadam = (D) Steenslag / (G)Schotter

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What is the difference between a "Standard" pavement condition survey and "Cursory" suitability condition survey?

Translation of Cursorty = (D)Haastig /(G) Flüchtig



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Landing Zone (LZ) Surveyors shall report the paved LZ's strength utilizing a Pavement Classification Number (PCN) in Block 10b, of AF Form 3822.


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What are the three strength evaluation categories for paved airfields?

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When conducting a PCI evaluation of a paved Landing Zone (LZ) when do you reduce Allowable Gross Load (AGL) by 25%?

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A paved Landing Zones (LZ) is evaluated by applying the same "surface distress" categories and ratings used when evaluating a semi-prepared Landing Zone?

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If the surface strength of a paved 'Asphalt' Landing Zone (LZ) will be evaluated under "Semi-prepared" criteria, who must be the person that makes that decision?

OPCON = Operational Control   /   MAJCOM = Major Command

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If the evaluated paved surface layer is less than the minimum thickness, what type of 'curve' evaluation should be used in PCASE for the best Allowable Gross Load & Allowable Passes result?

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When performing a Pavement Condition Index (PCI) evaluation (for a Contingency Operation), what factors require emphasis?

Translation of Contingency = (D) Onvoorziene / (G)Kontingenz


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A paved Landing Zone (LZ) Survey requires a Pavement Classification Number (PCN)?

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Who reviews a paved surface, or non-traditional surfaced Landing Zone (LZs) Surveys, prior to Safety of Flight (SoF) approval?

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BONUS QUESTION:  How badly does your Brain 'hurt' already?

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Which of the following statements is True?

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What is the best way to predict if a paved surface will become de-laminated?

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Evaluate the following PCASE result: C-146 Wolfhound / 31k / 1,000 Design Factor

ACN/PCN Ratio = 0.8 / Allowable Gross Load 19k / Allowable Passes 230

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The paved surface 'Potential Ponding' distress must be greater than _________, in the direction of travel, and _________ than the operating aircraft gear group?

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Which paved surface distress is exclusively used when evaluating Portland Cement Concrete (PCC)?

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Potholes of Medium to High severity _________.

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For a Paved Surface - Landing Zone (LZ) survey, what type of data is written in Block 10b, and why?

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BONUS QUESTION:  How badly does your Body & Brain 'hurt' after this course?

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