Battery powered, multi-colored LED lights, specifically designed for day time and night time markings of austere Airfields, Landing Zones, Drop Zones and Helicopter Landing Zones.

~ Provides continuous ‘steady’, or flashing ‘strobe’ modes of operation.



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Battery powered multi-color LED marking system, utilized for Airfields, Airports, Landing Zones (LZs), Drop Zones (DZs), or Helicopter Landing Zones (HLZs). The lighting system can be used for continuous ‘steady’, or flash modes of operation. Composed of a main control board, switch board and three LED array boards, connected using state-of-the-art rigid/flex (proprietary) technology for durability and reliability. Two LED arrays (one horizontal and one vertical) have five different colors, (red, green, blue, white and Infrared). One array (forward facing), has 5 colors, as well, but has two IR LED’s versus just one as in the other two arrays. This allows the user to select this array when a higher level of Infrared (IR) output is required.


The dimensions of the Lodestar unit is 5 inches in diameter by 1.35 inches tall. The unit housing is made from a proprietary glass reinforced polymer designed to resist mechanical effects of rollover by heavy rubber wheeled machinery / aircraft. 


The weight of the production Lodestar unit is 18 ounces including batteries. 


(2) AA batteries. The electronics were designed with lithium battery chemistry as the desired type however, the unit will run as well on any alkaline cell just at a reduced performance level.

Operational Modes: 

1. Standby (unit off with batteries installed)

2. Continuous On


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