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A five-day course with hands-on training concentrating on the fundamentals of Equipment Preparation and Usage, Maintenance, Logistics and Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) for Survey – Pre-Production, Creation, and Submission for Approval.  Includes: Digital Collection System (DCS) AutoCAD OEM & Talon Point Centralized Survey Database & Workflow System.

A five-day course focused on the core principles and theories of Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) integration, familiarizing students with various software, hardware and database solutions designed for data creation, editing, mission analysis and post-production techniques.

A cradle-to-grave Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) and field Surveyor’s course focused on full mission planning and execution, data, exploitation, vector analysis, operational integration of resources and personnel in order to execute the complex parameters of an Assault Zone & Airfield survey mission.

This six-day course is tailored for personnel planning, performing or supporting Crisis Response or Limited Contingency Operations by exploring the principles & characteristics of working in an overseas, urban and/or challenged environment through practical and situational field training exercises.

Military Mentorship Program™

STS Inc. Mobile Training Team (MTT) and Military Mentorship Program™ places our seasoned STS Inc. veterans side-by-side with Team Leaders and Non-commissioned Officers to provide hands-on experience and insight into the full-spectrum of Special Operations Mission Planning and Mission Execution Cycle.

Leadership Training (MTT)

Learn & Lead™

Our Leadership Training MTT utilizes Military Decision Making & Tactical Operations processes to support Joint/Combined Forces Operations planning and execution for Exercise or Training events, e.g. Aviation & Ground Asset Integration for Multi-lateral Exercises, Assault Zone Survey Mission Execution, Pre-deployment preparations, and also supports post-deployment Lessons Learned and After Action Review activities.

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