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About Us

Special Tactics Solutions, Inc. is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) located in northern California. We are an Information Technology (IT) staffing and consulting firm that provides Geographic Information Systems (GIS) industries and the United States Government (USG) land, air and space-based geo-spatial data analysis, Global Positioning System (GPS) telemetry and simulation modeling, multi-platform Operating Systems’ software testing and development, information management, training, and technical ‘in-the-field’ services solutions. * STS Inc. is a Sole Source vendor for GSI Surveyor and Digital Collection Systems (DCS) software, as well as, our Level 1-3 training courses!

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STS Inc. provides the missing link between a Customer’s technology gaps and Industry’s cutting edge capabilities through a variety of training and practical ‘real-world’ solutions.

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Support the Combat Control School Museum

CCS The Combat Control School Heritage Foundation (CCSHF) operates the Benini Heritage Center and Museum (Museum) at the Combat Control School (CCS) at Pope Field, North Carolina. The Museum was operated informally as early as 1999 when the current CCSHF Director, Jim Lyons was the school’s Commandant. Nearly ten years later, the Foundation was formalized when the CCS was moved to the new campus on the north-side of Pope. Since the grand opening on April 18, 2008, the Benini Heritage Center and Museum has become a center of excellence for CCT historical information and exhibits. Visiting dignitaries, combat controllers, CCS student families and VIPs visiting the base and Ft. Bragg are generally treated to a tour of the facility. The Museum is housed in the Combat Control School building; however, the US Air Force does not provide funding for the historical contents, display fixtures or graphics. The exhibits, fixtures, artifacts and recurring maintenance are fully funded by the CCSHF, using donations provided by generous patrons.

Our Favorite Links:

Combat Control School Heritage Foundation:  http://ccshf.org Benini Interview:  http://wavy.com/2015/01/07/wwii-pow-recognized-in-suffolk-for-life-of-service/ Join the Combat Control Association:  https://www.usafcca.org/

Combat Control School Heritage Foundation Fund Drive:  http://www.gofundme.com/qcc8tzc    Go Fund Me

Our Mission is to provide powerful & cost-effective turnkey solutions!


Ingersoll Consulting, Inc.

Ingersoll Consulting, Inc.

Ingersoll Consulting, Inc. is an authorized Autodesk® developer with over 26 years of experience building solutions for automated design, manufacturing, architectural facility design & management, as well as providing the Department of Defense a unique full spectrum Geospatial mission planning, data analysis and production tool that supports the Airfield & Assault Zone data collection mission.

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Point of Impact Consulting, LLC

Point of Impact Consulting, LLC

With over 23-years of experience, Point of Impact Consulting provides technical expertise in the collection and analysis of aerospace data related to air evacuation & humanitarian relief planning.  They also offer expertise in the creation of crisis planning products & mapping services for soft target facilities, useful to various U.S. Government agencies and first responders during an emergency response to an incident, and offer product creation services for medical facility compliance with the current national medical facility mapping requirements.  Additionally, they provide services for geospatial data collection & analysis, and digital collection hardware/software development, testing and training.

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GeoSpatial Innovations, Inc.

GeoSpatial Innovations, Inc.

Delivers innovative mobile field data collection solutions to the U.S. Department of Defense as well as major investor-owned utilities throughout North America. Their software and advanced GPS mobile technologies have enabled customers to shed manual, inefficient data collection processes and optimize the speed, accuracy and cost of gathering and analyzing critical in-the-field data. GSI’s Surveyor™ software offers the U.S. Department of Defense a proven platform for shaving time delays and risks to data collection teams. The GSI technical core provides the architecture for applications that inter-operate with a broad range of industry-standard operating systems, database platforms, data collection methods, and external systems.

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Kessler Soils Engineering, Inc.

Kessler Soils Engineering, Inc.

KSE offers an extensive line of DCP products to meet your specific needs; featuring both Single and Dual-mass Hammers, Disposable Cones, Data Collection Systems and our new Automated DCP. They also offer Moisture Measuring Devices, and Light Weight Deflectometers for your Surveying needs.

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Laser Technology, Inc.

Laser Technology, Inc.

LTI is the industry leader in the design and manufacturing of innovative laser-based speed and distance measurement instruments including laser rangefinders, speed guns & sensors. They also specialize in tilt and compass sensors, allowing you to measure heights and azimuth bearings.

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STS Inc. Affiliates



IT & Program Management Staffing

  • IT & Network Support Services.
  • Software Engineering & Program Management.
  • Centralized Survey Database Management and Data Entry.

Managed Services

  • Infrastructure & Survey Equipment Management.
  • Hardware/Software Integration Testing and Training.
  • Pre-deployment Weapons System Ops Check.
  • Firmware & Software updates, backup and archival services.
  • Hardware/Software systems checks & equipment rehabilitation.
  • AAR & Lessons Learned support.
  • 24/7/365 on-call Technical Support.

Research and Development

  • Windows, Android and iPhone Application Development.
  • Custom Database Design & Web Application Development Services.
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Software, Systems, Equipment Test & Evaluation

  • Requirements, Documentation, Regression and Validation testing.
  • Web design, Database, and advanced GPS/GNSS survey equipment testing.

Airfield and Assault Zone Surveying

  • Airfield Pavement Evaluation (DCP/CBR & PCASE Analysis).
  • Landing Zone (LZ) & Drop Zone (DZ) Surveying.
  • Helicopter Landing Zone (HLZ) Surveying.
  • Forward Air Refueling Point (FARP).
  • Emergency Evacuation Site Surveying.
  • Disaster Response & Assistance.

Airfield and Assault Zone Control Operations

  • Conduct site Assessment & Surveying.
  • Establish Airfield Lighting / Markings.
  • Conduct Air Traffic Control Operations.
  • Command & Control and Safety of Flight.

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Survey Pro Solutions

The STS Inc. Survey Pro Solutions features three unique software & hardware configuration options specifically designed for your mission needs. Every laptop includes a license of Digital Collection Systems™ (DCS) software!

Survey Pro Lite

  • Intel® Core™ i5 5200U Processor
  • Windows 8.1 (upgrades to Windows 10 Home)
  • 13.3″ QHD+ (3200 x 1800) Touch Screen Display
  • DCS™ 2016 AutoCAD OEM
  • Google Earth
  • Windows Mobile Device Center
  • PCASE 2.09
Price: $6,899.00
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Survey Pro

  • Intel® Core™ i7 6700HQ Processor
  • Windows 10 Home / 15.6″ LED UHD Touch Screen
  • DCS™ 2016 AutoCAD OEM
  • Google Earth
  • Windows Mobile Device Center
  • PCASE 2.09
  • Adobe Acrobat
Price: $7,499.00
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Survey Pro Mobile

  • Intel® Core™ i7 Processor 6500U
  • Windows 10 Home
  • 13.3″ LED QHD+ 360º rotating dual-hinge display
  • DCS™ 2016 AutoCAD OEM
  • Google Earth
  • Windows Mobile Device Center
  • PCASE 2.09
  • Adobe Acrobat
Price: $6,999.00
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Samsung ATIV Book 9 series of portable Solutions.  NOTE:  Each laptop is configured with all Survey related publications & regulations, links, tools, calculators, cheat-sheets, and programs to compliment your mission needs!  Purchases include a fully licensed copy of Digital Collection Systems™ (DCS) software. 
Every laptop includes a single license of Digital Collection Systems™ (DCS) software.  Request details for any additional requirements!

STS Inc. Laser Range Finder Solutions


The STS Inc. Hardware Solutions are specifically designed for your mission needs. All hardware configurations are compatible with Special Tactics Solutions Software Solutions.



Key Features of the TruPulse 360 R:
  • Provides full measurement capability with AZ + INC + SD
  • Solves 3D missing line calculations between any two remote points
  • Integrates with GPS for efficient GIS data capture
  • Bluetooth® capabilities for wireless data collection
  • LTI TruVector 360° Compass Technology
  • Withstands harsh conditions with rugged, waterproof housing


Price: $1,795.00
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 Key Features of the TruPulse 200X (iOS):
  • Achieves the highest distance and inclination accuracy
  • Adjusts to varying lighting conditions using the in-scope LED display
  • Withstands harsh conditions with rugged, waterproof housing
  • iOS Compatible
  • Measures Slope Distance (SD) + Inclination (INC) in Degrees or Percent
  • Calculates Horizontal Distance (HD) + Vertical Distance (VD) + Height (HT) + 2D Missing Line (ML)



Price: $1,795.00
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         TruPulse_200-1 TruPulse_200-2

Key Features of the TruPulse 200:

  • Law Enforcement and Armed Forces Only!
  • AMAZING Maximum Range:  4,000 meters; + or – 1 meter
  • 1/4 degree Accuracy on Clinometer tilt
  • Power:  AA Batteries
  • Weight:  8 oz w/ batteries
  • Provides full measurement capability with AZ + INC + SD
  • Solves 3D missing line calculations between any two remote points
  • Integrates with GPS for efficient GIS data capture
  • LTI TruVector 360° Compass Technology

Note:  Limited Supply!! Get yours today.

Price: $3,499.00
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Key Features of the Geo 7X:
  • Integration with GSI Surveyor™
  • Feature-rich graphical COGO routines for calculating points and features
  • Graphical staking of points, lines, arcs, and alignments from active maps
  • Detachable Geo 7X rangefinder accessory – simply point and shoot to get the position
  • Integrated Surveying technology combines optical, scanning, and GNSS data plus images in the same job
  • Trimble VISION enabled sensor control
  • Real-time data sharing between field and office – move files, provide updates, deliver completed projects


Key Features of the Juno 5D:
  • Familiar, easy-to-use, smartphone form factor
  • Works with professional software for GIS workflows
  • Big, sunlight readable screen
  • Stay in touch with the office—integrated communications available
  • Rugged for work in all conditions
  • 1D/2D barcode scanner and enhanced GPS versions available
  • Integration with GSI Surveyor™

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STS Inc., presents Digital Collection Systems (DCS)™, the definitive AutoCAD Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) solution for Airfield & Assault Zone Survey production for commercial and government industries. “DCS™ has become the SOF standard for survey production & mission planning! There’s NO need to know complicated AutoCAD commands; there’s NO need for years of specialized drafting experience. DCS™ steps users through the process; through it’s unique Segue & Toolbar design. Most users can have a final product within minutes and DCS™ automatically produces associated DoD Survey Forms in seconds.” – Shaun Rice DCS™ OEM, is powered by Ingersoll Consulting, Inc. Contact us for a training quote | Click on images below to view samples

Note:  DCS 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2015 are no longer supported!

DCS AutoCAD OEM (64bit) Software

Price: $4,999.00
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Scroll Down for the DCS 2016 Upgrade

Autodesk Autocad OEM 2016
What's Included?
  • DCS™ 2016 Upgrade

    DCS™ 2016 upgrade is the latest version of Ingersoll Consulting’s - DCS™ AutoCAD OEM software, and builds on the survey & mission planning tools introduced in DCS™ AutoCAD OEM 2014 and the DCS™ 2015 upgrade, refining both user experience and improving the performance expected from our all-inclusive surveying software.


  • What’s New in 2016!

    The DCS™ 2016 upgrade improves the stability, compatibility, and performance of DCS™ AutoCAD OEM.

  • Offers Windows 10 compatibility.
  • Updated PDF survey forms.
  • Added Acrobat Reader DC & Acrobat Pro DC compatibility.
  • Improved obstacle block functionality.
  • Revised obstacle list, attributes, and XML Input/Output.
  • Amended Fixed & Rotary Wing aircraft blocks in the Block Library Manager (BLM).
  • Added New FARP hose configurations to the BLM.
  • Enhanced New & Old FARP blocks and purged antiquated blocks in the BLM.
  • Improved Gradient tool functionality & reliability.
  • Added RAAF C-130 Criteria Block Capability (in some releases).
  • Enhanced “Draw with Magnetic Variation” command features; (i.e., ability to seamlessly hot swap between DR Mag and DR True/UCS World).
  • New & streamlined Right Click menu options.
  • Reorganized Pull-Down menus and toolbars.
  • Improved Google Earth 'Fly To’ feature.
  • Improved Imagery & Terrain integration capture speed.
  • Improved “Undo” Command; (includes group commands such as “ELF”).
  • Added Compound Curve Utilities; (i.e., C1/C2).
  • Improved Diagram Layout and Portrait-to-Landscape functionality; (i.e., this feature now automatically deletes the old layout tab, inserts the new layout tab, and adjusts the reference wire frame to the proper orientation in Model Space).
  • Updated Criteria Dialog Box naming conventions to match Layout Tabs & Survey Database Tabs; (e.g., common sense name changes, such as Create Diagram vs. Create Layout).
  • Modified “Insert Airfield Node” (IAN) Dialog Box Functionality; (this eliminates all but the insertion of threshold points for an LZ.  Additionally, if a collected longitudinal gradient is available and incorporated into a pre-plan drawing, IAN will allow the user to elect the gradient, and DCS 2016 will assign the closest gradient point elevation into each of the threshold points.  This ensures that the gradient graphs will be accurate, and the slope reported to the forms will also be accurate).



Note 1:  After installing the DCS™ 2016 upgrade, the very first time, you will need to obtain a "new license file".  It's simple and easy to do, just call, or email STS Inc. for more details and/or questions.

Note 2:  There will not be a 32bit release of the DCS™ 2016 upgrade!  Why?  Because it's the 21st century, people; if you're still using an old 32bit Operating System, then you're doing it wrong.

Note 3:  The Upgrade is NOT 'Free' - just the download; a purchase of the License must be obtained before installing, or you must be an Annual subscriber.  Arrears subscriptions will NOT be entertained; subscriptions must be kept up to date.  If software is out of date then the full purchase price will apply.  Thank you for your understanding.


DCS Upgrade for 2016 (64bit)

In order to get your Update, provide your Unit and Finger Print information, then click on the Submit button below!
  • * How To Find a DCS Fingerprint: Start DCS > Click the F2 Key > Scroll to the top of the window > 2nd line of text will display the fingerprint.
  • Price: $0.00

Once you've obtained the Upgrade; feel free to download a copy of the Software Installation Directions.

DCS™ Annual Subscription

Our annual subscription package allows users to automatically upgrade their product version to the latest and greatest releases of DCS; this is a significant savings over the course of several years.  Upgrades are Free and Downloadable right from the website!

* Annual subscription provides, full support, and covers software patches, & critical updates for your current version of DCS and all future releases.

In order to qualify for the annual subscription package, customers must already own a “purchased and valid license” of DCS 2016 or later.

Note:  DCS 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2015 are no longer supported!

Price: $1,499.00
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GSI Surveyor™ Software (Geo7x, Juno3D & 5Ds)

  • Mission pre-planning software 64bit compatible!!
  • Compatible with Trimble Geo7x’s Series and Juno5D
  • NOAA WMM 2015 compliant
  • Sophisticated field intelligence software for surveying
  • View background Aerial Imagery, ESRI shape files and DCS AutoCAD DXF files
  • Export data via XML, KML for use with other systems

Contact Us for a training quote or direct purchase | Click on image below to view sample

Price: $4,999.00
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Upgrade from your ‘old‘ PLZS software to the “new” GSI Surveyor™

* Upgrades are available for all paid & authorized licenses of Pocket LZ Surveyor.

Price: $3,500.00
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The Survey Rod SR-71™

The SR-71™, also referred to as “The Pick”, is a simple soil strength surveying device used Internationally by Surveyors when assessing semi-prepared and un-prepared airfields. Individuals or a team of surveyors can quickly assess large areas and trouble spots / weak areas on an airfield by ‘picking’ the ground and checking top layers of soil for indicators of GO or NO GO criteria. Before fully committing to the tremendous time and effort of conducting Dynamic Cone Penetrometer (DCP) readings, use the SR-71 on your next survey.

Price: $295.00
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STS Inc. Operator Technical Support Packages

  • Basic Support Package includes 100 hours of telephone or email support during normal business hours.
  • Advanced Support Package includes 500 hours of near real time telephone or email support for extended work hours.
  • Professional Support Package includes 1 year of complete real time telephone and email support anywhere/anytime. (Including site visits CONUS/OCONUS)

           * Does not include Travel or Per Diem

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A Center for Excellence!℠

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Professionalizing the Force℠ Series of Training!

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Framework to Success™

This course is a hands-on training event concentrating on the fundamentals of equipment preparation and usage, maintenance, logistics and survey pre-production tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs).

Foundational Work™

A five-day foundational course focused on the core principles of the Survey Cycle and integration of various software & hardware solutions designed specifically for pre-mission analysis and post-production techniques.

Advanced Skills™

A cradle-to-grave Surveyor’s course focused on mission planning and execution, data analysis, field-work, and the production of highly accurate, professional Assault Zone & Airfield surveys.

Achieving Mastery™

This course is tailored for personnel planning, performing or supporting Crisis Response or Limited Contingency Operations by exploring the principles & characteristics of working in an overseas and/or challenged environment through practical and situational field training exercises.

Computer and Network Security Training

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Overseas Safety & Travel Training

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Military Mentorship Program™

STS Inc. Mobile Training Team (MTT) and Military Mentorship Program™ places our seasoned STS Inc. veterans side-by-side with Team Leaders and Non-commissioned Officers to provide hands-on experience and insight into the full-spectrum of Special Operations Mission Planning and Mission Execution Cycle.

Leadership Training (MTT)

Learn & Lead™

Our Leadership Training MTT utilizes Military Decision Making & Tactical Operations processes to support Joint/Combined Forces Operations planning and execution for Exercise or Training events, e.g. Aviation & Ground Asset Integration for Multi-lateral Exercises, Assault Zone Survey Mission Execution, Pre-deployment preparations, and also supports post-deployment Lessons Learned and After Action Review activities.


Mobile Application Development

Only STS Inc. has the vision & know-how to transform SOF Tactics, Techniques & Procedures into next generation Tablet and Mobile device “Survey Applications”.  STS Inc.’s President & founder is considered one of the ‘premier’ Subject Matter Experts in all aspects of Airfield & Assault Zone Surveys & Operations.  With over 22 years of experience as a Special Tactics (ST) Combat Controller, no other single individual has affected current ST doctrine or influenced the development of specialized software & hardware capabilities that are currently used throughout the United States Air Force community. “We’re taking this to the next level!  There are very few people in the world who truly understand all aspects of Aviation Operations & Assault Zone Surveying the way that we do; this is our greatest advantage, and our privileged & promise to impart that expertise to the next generation of SOF warriors.” – Shaun Rice

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