Product Announcements

Product Announcements

Topic: End of Google Earth Support

Posted: December 8, 2020

Issue: As of late October 2020, Google stopped supporting older versions of Google Earth Pro, (7.1.8 and earlier), which integrated a COM architecture that DCS-MAPS utilized for one of our imagery geo-rectification methods; (i.e., Method #3 - Google Earth Import Method).

Solutions:  STS, Inc. is working diligently on upgrading DCS-MAPS, so that we can integrate the newer desktop version of Google Earth, and alternate imagery solutions. During this time period our recommendation is to continue utilizing DCS-MAPS with the built-in capability of geo-rectifying images via the stereographic image import process that was taught in our classroom training; (i.e., Method #1 - Alignment Point Method).

Note: If you require a Step-by-step Cheat Sheet for Alignment Point Method (ALP) download a copy here.

Throughout 2021 we will be launching additional updates for DCS-MAPS which will enhance your surveying capabilities. Please continue to monitor our website and check out our social media icons on this page to keep your software application up to date.