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Special Tactics Solutions, Inc. is a SDVOSB information technology consulting firm located in northern California. We provide Geographic Information Systems industries and the United States Government with land, air, and space-based geo-spatial data analysis; Global Positioning System (GPS) telemetry and simulation modeling; multi-platform Operating Systems’ software testing and development; information management, training, and technical ‘in-the-field’ services solutions.

* STS Inc. is a sole source vendor for GSI Surveyor and Digital Collection Systems (DCS) software and three levels of specialized training courses.

We’re making GIS surveys easier than ever.

Surveys shouldn’t be hard to accomplish or difficult to manage, that’s why we’re revolutionizing the software.

With experienced staff that are experts in their fields, we’re confident you’ll want to use our products.


Remote Work

All or most of our contractors and employees work remotely from home, and come into the office when needed.


Fine-Tuned Staff

Our team is highly experienced in different skills; from UI to CCT, to photography, our team is diverse and experienced.


All Boxes: Checked

From groundwork to the most advanced skills, our team knows what the fuck they’re doing, and will get you on the right track.

“I love seeing what you are doing… It’s a great niche. No one else can teach it and you have deep experience. The SOF community will soon recognize what you are doing.” – Michael

A Team of Experts Behind the Wheel

“Real world experience based scenarios developed to train our students in what they may encounter while working in this type of environment. San Francisco makes for the perfect backdrop and setting for our students to develop the necessary skills in order to be successful with this mission set. Not only will you learn something, but it is also fun!” – Rob Somer

Shaun Rice

President & Founder

Chris Gaona

Lead Software Engineer

JR Somer

Training & Product  Development

Benjamin Barnett

AFSOC Talon Point Manager/Admin

Robb Patterson

Operations Manager

Clark Brinkley

Media & Growth Manager

Chris Fellure

Program Manager

Daniel Escobedo

Full Stack Developer

Mark Richards

Managing Director

Adriana Cabezas

Media Specialist

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2301 Armstrong St #207, Livermore, CA 94551