Firefly Kit

The Firefly light is a 9 volt powered infra-red emitting (LED) light designed to be used to mark Helicopter and Fixed Wing Landing Zones, Drop Zones, taxiways, parking and staging areas and can only be viewed using night vision equipment.

~ Provides continuous ‘steady’, or flashing ‘strobe’ modes of operation. 


Multiple Modes

Each Firefly is a microprocessor based light that is user controlled via magnetic switch located within each light. The Firefly has 6 modes of operation:

Mode 1 – (Default) Low Power / Steady Output

Mode 2 – Low Power / Flash Output

Mode 3 – Medium Power / Steady Output

Mode 4 – Medium Power / Flash Output

Mode 5 – High Power / Steady Output

Mode 6 – High Power / Flash Output

Note: The light turns on in mode 1 when attached to a battery and can only be turned off by removing from the battery.

Battery Powered

Each Firefly uses a 9V battery to operate. The user will attach the Firefly directly to the end of a 9V battery and the device is ready to operate.

Rugged & Reliable

The Firefly is extremely rugged and is designed for maximum reliability. The light has no moving parts to wear out, get fouled or break.

Firefly Kit (6 Lights)

The Firefly is sold in “kits” of 6 lights with spaces to also store 6 batteries. This configuration allows the user to carry a complete covert tactical runway (with one spare), in a cargo pocket. The entire kit with batteries comes in a durable, zippered, nylon carrier for easy use and convenient storage.