Assault Zone Survey & Operational Support

We’re taking this to the next level!  There are very few people in the world who truly understand all aspects of Aviation Operations & Assault Zone Surveying the way that we do; this is our greatest advantage, and our privilege & promise to impart that expertise to the next generation of SOF warriors.” – Shaun Rice, Founder

Only STS Inc. has the vision & know-how to transform SOF Tactics, Techniques & Procedures into next generation Tablet and Mobile device “Survey Applications.” STS Inc.’s president & founder is considered one of the ‘premier’ Subject Matter Experts in all aspects of Airfield & Assault Zone Surveys & Operations.  With over 22 years of experience as a Special Tactics (ST) Combat Controller, no other single individual has affected current ST doctrine or influenced the development of specialized software & hardware capabilities that are currently used throughout the United States Air Force community.

Managed Services

  • Infrastructure & Survey Equipment Management
  • Hardware/Software Integration Testing and Training
  • Pre-deployment Weapons System Ops Check
  • Firmware & Software updates, backup, and archival services
  • Hardware/Software systems checks & equipment rehabilitation
  • AAR & Lessons Learned support
  • 24/7/365 on-call Technical Support

Research & Development

  • Windows, Android, and iPhone Application Development
  • Custom Database Design & Web Application Development Services

IT & Program Management Staffing

  • IT & Network Support Services
  • Software Engineering & Program Management
  • Centralized Survey Database Management and Data Entry

Software, System, Equipment Tests, & Evaluations

  • Requirements, Documentation, Regression, and Validation testing
  • Web design, database, and advanced GPS/GNSS survey equipment testing

Airfield & Assault Zone Surveying

  • Airfield Pavement Evaluation (DCP/CBR & PCASE Analysis)
  • Landing Zone (LZ) & Drop Zone (DZ) Surveying
  • Helicopter Landing Zone (HLZ) Surveying
  • Forward Air Refueling Point (FARP)
  • Emergency Evacuation Site Surveying
  • Disaster Response & Assistance

Airfield & Assault Zone Control Operations

  • Conduct site Assessment & Surveying
  • Establish Airfield Lighting/Markings
  • Conduct Air Traffic Control Operations
  • Command & Control and Safety of Flight