Refresher Training – Final


Refresher - Final

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What does the acronym PCASE stand for?

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What is the Keyboard Shortcut for the 'Rotate' Command?

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When using the soil 'Jar Test' method to identify soil types and classification; how quickly do gravel and sands settle to the bottom of the jar?

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What is the Keyboard Shortcut for 'Edit Object'?

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Which SPACI surface distresses are considered MAJOR distresses, and depending on actual location on the Ruwnay, may be categorized as RED, and may cause the overall condition of the airfield to be categorized as RED.

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Given the following APE Report result, what recommendations would you make with regard to usage of the airfield?


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What is the effect in DCS, if the reference coordinate display in Project Setup shows the coordinate depicted in the image below?

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This is the 'Delete Criteria' Icon.  What is the keyboard Shortcut?

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Given the following heat map based from the DCP readings of this airfield, what is your overall recommendation of the usage of the site?


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What is the function of this Icon?

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Select the correct Keyboard Shortcut and Icon for the 'Zoom Viewpoint Frame' Command.

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Given the following 4 x DCP readings for this airfield, which reading is the  weakest and what is the allowable gross load and passes for a C-130J-30 for that location?


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What is the Keyboard Shortcut for 'Node Display'?


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You have just imported a MagRuler text file into the DCP module within PCASE and get the following result (see image) that indicates 100 CBR for all of the readings.

What is the remedy to fix the apparent issue?

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What should be the order of priority when determining the locations of DCP, i.e. CBR, readings for an airfield?

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What is the Keyboard Shortcut for 'Edge Line & Fillet.'

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Using the Soil triangle image below; find the correct UNIFIED SOIL CLASSIFICATION SYSTEM (USCS) category for a soil sample that indicates:   30% Sand   |   30% Silts.  |   40% Clay



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Which Function-Key toggles on/off the OSNAP mode?


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What is the correct 'Material Type' that is associated with the surface layer of a DCP reading?


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What is depicted in the image below by the cyan, i.e., blue, circle?


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What is the definition of Allowable Gross Load (AGL)?

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What is this icon?

Question Image

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Evaluate the following PCASE result: C-146 Wolfhound / 31k / 1,000 Design Factor

ACN/ PCN Ratio = 0.8 / Allowable Gross Load 19k / Allowable Passes 230

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The Keyboard Shortcut 'CP' is pictured below by which Icon?

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During a DCP reading, how should a subsurface impenetrable & unidentifiable layer be handled?

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This is the Icon for the Command 'Erase'. What is the Keyboard Shortcut?

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'DL' is the Keyboard Shortcut for _________? Select the Command and the Icon.

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The ELF command is an acronym for:


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According to the Unified Soil Classification System (USCS) chart, which one of the following lists of soil types is incorrect?


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Which types of soil are more susceptible to frost?


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